This is my very FIRST post . I searched around myself just gazing through what I would write about and I thought I would search Mr.Internet for some inspiration .I kept searching , 1 HOUR , 2 HOUR, no damn idea no damn inspiration .  My mind kept preaching , “Well there is literally nothing for you to write about , just quit this whole thing” .I paused for a second , my hands stopped typing and my eyes were unglued from the screen . I paused to see myself . From all the things that were wrong in me I could see that I dont have something that no one has .


We all move with the velocity of this world to strive for perfection . But to be honest , no one does that . We slave ourselves towards television , phones and pleasing people . We should evolve to be someone better than that . When we pause our life for a second and think about our bloody existence ..there is nothing .Our souls don’t exist anymore , we exist only as a a person bounded by rules that don’t define our lives .

The only way how we are going to end this , is by developing RUTHLESS FOCUS on the things that we love.

When you think about this , the question of how? pops out . Well the only way that helped is by getting down to actually develop focus . When we want something really bad no matter what it is ,we get it . Once you understand what you need you’ll get it . There are a lot of sources on how to gain focus . The articles of Mike Cernovich from truly helped me do it . .


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